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Duct Cleaning

We first attach a negative air machine with a built-in HEPA filter to reverse the airflow in the ductwork so that it pulls the particles out of the house. We then use a solid core auger to brush each duct line to remove caked on dirt, mold, pet dander, etc. With the combination of the negative air machine this ensures that your ducts are fully cleaned. We then use an anti-microbial paint to encapsulate inside of the supply and return plenums, the air handler and accessible ductwork. This ensures the maximum effectiveness and helps to prevent microbial growth in the future.

Coil Cleaning

We open up the Air Handler and gain access to the evaporator coil. We use several different cleaning methods to remove any build up. This is vitally important for the proper operation of the HVAC system and for the health of everyone in the home. Built up dirt, microbial growth and pet hair get blown into the ductwork and drastically effect the efficiency of the unit.

Blower Wheel Cleaning

Part of the duct cleaning process is that we fully remove the blower motor out of the air handler and use cleaning products to disinfect the blower motor. We do this in a safe method that does not damage the motor or the fins and allows for a sanitized system. We also wipe down the inside of the Air Handler and disinfect with product.

Whole Home Purification Devices Installed

Be relieved knowing that you are doing your part to safeguard yourself and your family against airborne pollutants, unpleasant odors, and disease-causing germs on surfaces in your house.

Sanitization Of The Ducts

We use a combination of commercial grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar to fog the duct system. This solution is both effective and completely safe for children and pets. We do this with a handheld fogger and negative air to allow for maximum airflow through the ducts. We also use a specialized HVAC mold and mildew-resistant coating to encapsulate your vents.

UV Light Installation

Installation of a UV light dramatically cuts down on airborne microbial growth. The UV light helps to kill any airborne particles as it passes through the Air Handler.

Dryer Vents Cleaning

Dryer vents are subject to build up of lint and debris just like your ductwork in your home. We use the solid core auger to remove any build up and prevent any issues.

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