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Looking to learn more about air duct cleaning? Welcome to your ultimate guide, where we will take you through everything you need to know about a routine air duct cleaning at Real Duct Cleaning in Clearwater Florida.

We’ll cover how long a regular cleaning takes, along with how often it should be done as well as the benefits of routine maintenance. Let’s get straight into it… 

Regular Duct Cleaning is Important

Cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis is important for keeping your home healthy. Your air ducts get clogged with dust, dirt, allergens, and other harmful things over time. When your HVAC system works, these particles can move around your home more freely. This can make the air quality inside your home worse, which can be bad for your health, especially if you have allergies or breathing problems. 

If you have clean air ducts, the air you breathe is free of pollutants, which is good for your health and well-being as a whole. Cleaning your HVAC system on a regular basis also makes it more efficient, which lowers your energy costs and makes the system last longer.

How Long Does It Take?

How long an air duct cleaning takes varies on a number of things, such as the size of your home, how complex your HVAC system is, and how dirty the ducts are. That said, a complete cleaning of the air ducts in a typical home can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Since we recommend UV light installation in most A/C systems for Florida homes, as well as whole-home sanitization requested by many clients, the exact timeframe varies from home to home.

It might also take longer for bigger houses or systems with a lot of dirt or grime build up. 

However, at Real Duct Cleaning we make sure that the process is thorough and efficient, so your daily life isn’t interrupted and your ducts are fully clean at the end of the process.

How Often Should You Do It?

The frequency of air duct cleaning is contingent upon multiple factors, including your living environment, whether you have pets, and any preexisting health concerns. It is advisable to have your air ducts professionally cleaned every 3 to 5 years as a general rule. 

Nevertheless, if you possess domesticated animals, reside in a region with elevated amounts of dust or pollen, or see noticeable mold proliferation, excessive dust, or peculiar smells coming from your air ducts, it may be imperative to do more regular cleaning. 

That being said, an assessment from professionals such as ourselves can help you figure out the best cleaning schedule for your home. You can trust our experts at Real Duct Cleaning to give you personalized advice and keep your air ducts in good shape, making your home healthy and more energy-efficient.

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