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Duct cleaning may not always be on your mind, however it can have effects on both your health and your home. That said, if you’ve started to notice some issues, it may be time to take a closer look at duct cleaning and its benefits. Let’s get right into it… 

Effects of Having Uncleaned Ducts

Dust, filth, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and other pollutants get accumulated in air ducts over time. Your HVAC system may circulate these particles throughout your house each time it runs. Unclean ducts can cause a number of problems, such as:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality: Air duct contaminants make it harder for you to breathe clean air, which can lead to health issues.
  • Increased Chances of Asthma and Allergy Symptoms: Unclean ducts can worsen allergy or asthmatic symptoms, which can lead to pain and health problems.
  • Increased Dust: More dust in your air ducts means more dust on your floors, walls, chairs, and other surfaces, which means they need to be cleaned more often.
  • HVAC System Effects: Debris accumulation can impede airflow, causing your HVAC system to operate harder and less effectively. This can result in increased energy costs and even system failures.

Does Duct Cleaning Help You Breathe Better?

To put it simply, yes, cleaning your air ducts can make the air inside your home much better and even help you breathe better. Here are some ways that cleaning your air ducts can help: 

  • Remove Pollutants: Having your air ducts cleaned by a professional gets rid of dust, dirt, mold spores, and other pollutants. This lowers the number of allergens that are moving throughout your home.
  • Improve Air Quality: People with asthma or allergies have fewer symptoms when there are fewer allergens in the air, which is good for their health and comfort.
  • Reduce Odor: Cleaning your ducts can also get rid of smells that aren’t very pleasant, like those caused by mold, mildew, pets, or cooking.

Other Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning

Besides improving your air quality inside your home, regular duct cleaning can offer various benefits such as: 

  • Better HVAC Efficiency: More airflow through clean ducts eases the burden on your HVAC system and increases its performance. 
  • Lower Energy Costs: Less energy use means lower energy costs. If your HVAC system works well, it uses less energy, which means lower utility bills.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Cleaning your HVAC system’s ducts on a regular basis keeps it in good shape, which lowers the risk of expensive fixes and extends the system’s life.
  • Cleaner Home Environment: Since there are fewer dust particles moving through your ducts, your home stays cleaner with less dust and maintenance needed.

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Getting your ducts cleaned doesn’t just improve how you breathe but it can benefit you, your family and your home in many different ways. If you’re looking for a proper duct cleaning in Clearwater Florida or in the Tampa Bay area, our experts at Real Duct Cleaning are here to help. Give us a call or fill out a contact form to get started!